What is an Energy Audit?

Scheduling an energy audit is one of the important steps for homeowners looking to properly insulate their homes. But what is an energy audit and how exactly can it help save you money? 

What is an Energy Audit? 

Energy audits, sometimes called energy assessments, are detailed examinations that assess a building’s energy use. It begins with an inspection, done either by a professional or yourself, in order to generate an analysis of the energy flows in your building. 

The purpose is to determine where energy is being wasted and how to improve energy conservation and energy efficiency. Everything from the floor to ceiling is examined, including doors, windows and even skylights. Their r-values are compared to a system that determines if their air leakage rate is a cause for concern.

Why Conduct an Energy Audit?

These tests are to provide not only an analysis into the energy efficiency of your home, but also pinpoint solutions. By labeling problem areas and targeting leaks, homeowners and businesses know what kind of renovations to put in place for a lower utility bill. Some options include insulating walls and ceilings, resealing windows and door frames, and determining if there’s no air leakage concern so they can finally spend their solar panel budget. 

Your Next Step

These upgrades can save you up to 35% on the next energy bill, just from these reviews. However, there’s even more an energy audit can do for you - provide preparedness. Your energy audit will not only provide you with information on current concerns, but give you an insight into what may be a problem in the future. Remember how the analysis was taken of the entire building, floor to ceiling? The results will show you a range of results, all the way from the old back door needing to be entirely resealed, to the new front window showing some damage in the left corner. 

You’ll have the opportunity to make a variety of decisions. Your next step from your initial energy audit gives you the ability to tackle those problems before you’re in need of another audit, giving you the statistics of where your next best move should be. The benefit of having a plan brings you back full circle in getting ready for the next energy audit.

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