Industry Experts Give 4 Ways Coating Your Floors Can Improve The Space

Safety is a top priority for any business owner, making it an important mission to explore every avenue to improve the environment you, employees, and visitors will use. Regardless of whether this is a showroom, heavily trafficked warehouse, or a storage unit for stock overflow, coating your commercial floors can significantly impact the area’s safety precautions.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to coating materials - however, you must first assess the particular needs of your business and environment. While epoxy and polyurea are popular options for many companies for their aesthetics, you also need to consider their longevity, durability, and abrasion resistance. At Koala Insulation, our local teams understand the need for a safe and comfortable space that also takes into consideration a balanced budget and energy efficiency. The industry experts at Koala Insulation and our partners have put together a breakdown of how coating can benefit your environment for years to come.

4 Improvements From Coating Floors

It’s important to find the right industry experts that will focus on your building’s needs as you’re looking for an effective way to improve the safety and efficiency of your commercial space. When the building was constructed, there were base requirements to be met and building codes to adhere to. However, taking the opportunity to go past these minimums can help you and your team find new ways that will decrease maintenance, energy costs, and potential hazards.

Durable Surface

One of the most important reasons to coat your commercial floors is to improve the durability of their surface. The coating material provides a barrier that protects the concrete from high impact, corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, and other damages. Contractors first sandblast the area to clear any holes, cracks, or bumps on the surface. Once the space has been cleaned, the solution is applied and left to dry.

Many coating materials, like epoxy and polyurea, are long-lasting to maximize your return on investment. Not only does the durable surface help to prevent the development of hazardous divots, fractures, and splits, but it also extends the lifespan of your flooring. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance as long as the surface is still regularly cleaned and kept clear.


According to OSHA, "slip, trip, and fall hazards, which are a leading cause of worker deaths and lost-workday injuries," can impact over 5,800 individuals every year. Keeping the space clear, clean, and regularly maintained is the least your team can do in an attempt to reduce these risks. However, the coating can not only protect the floor's surface but your employees and visitors as well. Material like polyurea is resistant to heavy impacts, chips, corrosion, and regular wear and use.

Ensuring your building is safe for you, employees, and visitors is about more than just meeting basic requirements. For example, modern regulations for insulation material throughout your building require a minimum R-value to be installed in a commercial building - however, taking the initiative to consult an industry professional can show you that for your building’s location, climate, and typical weather patterns, additional material can improve the safety and comfort of the structure.


What would Koala Insulation know about coating commercial flooring? Sealing your floor can actually help out the building’s insulation! Similar to the material in the walls, ceiling, and between joists, the coating helps to reduce the rate of heat transfer. In residential buildings, underfloor insulation reduces drafts and heat loss while also creating a vapor and moisture barrier. For many commercial floors, though, the ground may be concrete or another solid foundation; while there may still be insulation installed underneath the concrete, it’s often an inadequate amount.

By applying a coating, you help to reduce heat loss, increase comfort, and save on regular energy costs. In addition to reducing the rate of heat transfer, epoxy or polyurea also aid in moisture prevention. Concrete is a porous material, meaning moisture from the ground can easily permeate it. The application of a coating creates a vapor and moisture barrier, similar to insulation in your walls and attic.


Aesthetics may not be high on the list of needs for places like inventory warehouses and storage units, but it can be a bonus for showrooms, garages, and other regularly trafficked spaces. Many coating materials are able to have a customized appearance without jeopardizing the chemical make-up and durability.

Whether you're looking for chip, metallic, quartz, or other solid color options, many companies have the ability to fit your aesthetic needs. It's important to remember that having a skilled team inspect, appraise, and clean the area can achieve a quality job faster than attempting a DIY job. Focusing on appearance goes out the window if the material isn't correctly applied and set, as you may find bubbles, uneven surfaces, and other blemishes.

Learn More About Commercial Improvements with Local Experts

Our teams at Koala Insulation work with many different industry experts, all with the same goal in mind to bring your building improved comfort and safety while remaining cost-effective and energy-efficient. As a readily available partner to builders and contractors in need, we understand there are many facets to maintaining a well-functioning commercial building. It’s crucial to take the necessary steps that will create the efficient and secure space you’re looking for.

It’s important to keep your building running efficiently while also establishing a safe and comfortable environment. Our insulation professionals offer free evaluations so you and your team have an overview of the current condition of your building’s insulation and air sealing. To learn more about how proper insulation and air sealing through various materials can improve your environment, contact your local Koala Insulation team today to schedule your free evaluation.