5 Home Renovation Ideas for Your Holiday-Budget

The world is slowly starting to come together again, which means having small home gatherings for the holiday season. As such, it’s crucial to make sure your home is as safe and comfortable as possible, regardless of whether you’re going out or hosting this year. However, with a laundry list of shopping needs, meal prep, and decoration ideas, your budget may already be running a little thin.

When you think of home renovations, “economical” and “low cost” may not be adjectives you would consider adding to projects you may already have in mind. Luckily, our industry experts at Koala Insulation understand the need to be efficient on a budget. Our team has put together a few simple and cost-effective ways you can start renovating your home without needing to shorten your list of gifts!

5 Holiday-Budget Renovation Tricks

1.   Add Style to Your Windows

Updating your entertainment space doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get new floors or a ceiling paint job or new furniture. Instead you can learn to accent areas that highlight the vibrance and depth of your home. By focusing on windows in your dining or living room you will help draw attention to the space that opens up your home.

Buying new drapes or shades is one of the easiest ways to change up this section of your home. Even just changing the color or patterns of these areas can liven up your windows and seating areas. Combining heavy and light fabrics can also achieve this goal. Additionally, touching up the paint around your windows can also bring new life to the space and adding color here will draw your eyes to the outside, which helps the room seem larger than it is.

2.   Renovate Kitchen Cabinets

Renovating your kitchen can often be a runaway project for homeowners. For many households, the kitchen is where much of the magic happens in a home. Your kitchen is a great place for trying out new food and drinks, an eating area, as well as a possible place to socialize. However, focusing on smaller touch ups before scheduling a larger project is the perfect way to start tackling time sensitive and cost-effective renovations.

One of the central locations you should be looking to restore is your cabinets. Similar to the windows, this can be as simple as changing the accent color and updating the trim. Adding a vibrant color of pattern can help make your kitchen seem brighter and more welcoming. For some homes, it can be important to take this time to fix minor construction as well. This can be done by adding new handles, replacing worn doors and adjusting creaky or dull hinges.

3.   Give Your Bathroom Sinks Some Appeal

For homeowners that have frequent guests, the guest bathroom can be an entire project all on its own. Whether you feel like you need newer appliances, themed towels, or local soaps and fresheners, this is an area of your home your guests will be guaranteed to visit during their stay. With this in mind, it’s important to focus on specific parts of the guest bathroom rather than planning a grand renovation that can be time consuming and costly.

For a small, focused area, the sink is a great place to start - especially during the holidays when others are properly washing their hands before meals. As such, there are plenty of small ways you can make the environment more inviting. For example, stick-on wallpaper is a fast and affordable way to give your countertop a new, fresh look. You could choose to be unconventional like a floral or vibrant pattern or you can go the more traditional route with marble print. Either way, the best part about this type of wallpaper is that it's most often “reusable” and easy to peel off and replace.

4.   Retrofit Your Home’s Insulation

Retrofit insulation is the process of removing insulation and reinstalling new material. While this may be considered one of the more expensive renovations on our list, it is still a useful way to improve the air quality in your home while also increasing the overall comfort by regulating the temperature. This helps keep your rooms evenly cooled or heated while also helping to prevent drafts, cold spots, and loss of heat.

Your local Koala Insulation team provides free evaluations to make the process as affordable as possible for homeowners. Once we have a breakdown of the condition of your home by checking the insulation in your walls, floors, and attic, we can target pain points as well as places that can be scheduled ahead for future retrofitting.

5.   Get Creative with Storage Options

Getting creative with storage can change any room in your house into a well-organized spot. Whether you're adding colored cubby holes to a playroom or a wicker laundry basket in the bathroom, you can give the environment of your home a fresh look with different storage options. A few great places to look for inspiration are in your local Facebook home renovation groups or a DIY project Pinterest board.

You may even be surprised to find new and functional choices for storage in your home. For example, you can add netting above a child’s bed to easily hold their stuffed animals and soft toys, or a repurposed picnic basket hung on your kitchen wall can make great utensil holders. You can also add compact bins to your laundry rooms to bring space for more organization options. Whatever you choose to add, patterned fabric and paint can make them even more personalized for you and your household.

Find Local Home Renovation Deals

While we know how difficult it can be to try staying on target if a home renovation project gets carried away, these five simple steps should keep you within a reasonable holiday budget. By adding an updated style, using color and patterns to brighten the room, and taking a few out-of-the-way approaches to increase comfort, you’ll practically have a new home ready in time for the holiday party.

At Koala Insulation, our teams are dedicated to bringing you the most affordable solutions while also working with your schedule and needs. Our free evaluations provide the opportunity to review your home’s current condition and paceout your renovation needs. Find your local Koala Insulation team today to learn more about insulation’s impact on your home and how you can schedule a free evaluation before the new year!